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Product Description


Pure-X is an economical powdered micro-splitter pre-spray:

  • Pure microsplitter pre-spray
  • Fast acting – works on contact
  • Works with any spray extraction or bonnet cleaning system
  • Economical powdered formulation

Directions: Add 1 scoop Pure-X per litre of hot water and mix thoroughly. Once dissolved add to pump-up sprayer. Spray onto carpet to wet the carpet pile thoroughly but without penetrating through to the carpet backing. Do not allow to dry – if carpet begins to dry before extracting spray on more Pure-X. Now agitate thoroughly. This is best done using a contra-rotating brush machine like the Sebo Duo or HOST Freestyle machine. You can also agitate with a pile brush, but an agitation machine is much better – good agitation is really important when using micro-splitter products. Extract using spray extraction machine. For best results mix Pure-X fresh each job.


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