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Product Description

Our new Orange-Tabs are the easy way to protect wet carpets from furniture (wood dye transfer, rust etc.) after cleaning. Removable adhesive on one side, heavy duty plastic on the other. Easily apply tacky side up while furniture is pulled out then simply slide back to original position.

No more hard to reach corner legs!

  • Protects wet carpet from furniture (wood dye bleed, rust transfer, dirt transfer)
  • Easily protect even those difficult to reach legs in the corner of the room
  • Act as mini furniture sliders – most furniture can be easily slid around to make way
  • Helps prevent ‘slip outs’ when customer adjusts furniture before the carpet is dry
  • Supplied in convenient 100′ roll
  • Only £8.99 per roll!

2 reviews for Orange-Tabs

  1. Nathan

    One roll of these orange tabs lasts me for ages- very good way of protecting furniture. Cannot imagine working without them!

  2. roger

    These have saved me so much time especially when having to protect lots of dining room chair feet. I put them on prior to pre-treating and then they also act as sliders.

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