Odour-X Urine and Malodour Treatment

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Product Description

Professional malodour treatment concentrate for:

  • Urine odour
  • Pet odours
  • Vomit odour
  • Faeces odour
  • Rancid food odour
  • Organic-based malodours
  • Economical concentrate (1 litre bottle makes 6 litres urine odour treatment)

A highly effective blend of enzymes and naturally occuring bacterial cultures which break down the causes of organic-based odours at source. This is one of the very few urine/malodour treatments we have tried that actually works! Can be used for treating difficult malodours at 5:1 dilution, or used as an extraction product for general pet odours at 100:1.

Directions: Add 100ml Odour-X to 500ml water. Saturate affected area with Odour-X – product must penetrate to same depth as contamination. Odour-X has an immediate effect and will then continue to work as the product dries – needs to stay damp for at least 4 hours after application for best results. Remainder of carpet can be cleaned with Odour-X diluted 100:1 in extraction machine. See Odour-X info sheet for more in-depth instructions. Professional use product, always follow industry standards. Pre-test before use.


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