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Product Description

A powerful, effective and economical powdered extraction carpet and fabric cleaner, for use in spray extraction machines.

  • Extra strength pro extraction cleaner
  • Superb results on all washable fibres
  • Pleasant citrus fragrance
  • Also works as a pre-spray treatment
  • Economical powdered formulation
  • Works with hot or cold water systems
  • Added corrosion inhibitors help protect your equipment

Directions: Portable extractors: Dilute 1-2 scoops Extract-X per 10 litres warm water and mix to dissolve completely before adding to the solution tank. Truck mount units: Mix 1kg Extract-X in 20 litres water to make metering concentrate and set flow meter at 2-4 GPH. Always pre-test with ready-to-use solution. For heavily soiled carpets pre-spray and agitate or leave to dwell for 10 minutes before extracting with Extract-X. 4kg


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