Cleansmart DeFoam-X

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Product Description

An effective liquid anti-foam concentrate to counteract foam build-up in extraction machines.
Foam is the no. 1 cause of failed vacuum motors! Always add defoamer to the waste tank of your extractor before use. Regularly check your waste tank for excessive foam build-up. Defoam-X is a silicone-based defoamer that is also makes a great lubricant for brass quick connects.

  • Anti-foam concentrate for spray extraction machines
  • Economical silicone-based formula
  • Helps protect your vac motors from unexpected foam
  • Simply add to the machine’s recovery tank
  • Also a good lubricant for brass quick connects

1 review for Cleansmart DeFoam-X

  1. Nathan

    It’s the best defoamer ever!
    It lasts much longer than other defoamers I used before.
    It is silicone based.
    Definite winner in defoamers!

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