Blast-X Super-Strength Pre-spray

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Product Description

Heavy duty high performance carpet pre-spray for heavily soiled commercial carpet:

  • One of the most powerful carpet pre-sprays on the market
  • Powerful grease-breaking formula
  • High alkaline detergent pre-spray
  • Best results on heavily soiled carpets
  • Economical powdered formulation
  • Pleasant citrus fragrance
  • For maximum power cleaning results

Directions: Mix 1 scoop per litre warm water. Apply by sprayer, agitate with a pile brush or agitation machine, allow 10 minute dwell time if needed and extract with Cleansmart Rinse-X. Do not allow to dry before extracting.

1 review for Blast-X Super-Strength Pre-spray

  1. Susan

    This is the first time we have shopped with Cleansmart and are impressed by both the product and excellent service.

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