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Airflex Storm from £2299 + VAT

£2,749.00 £2,299.00 plus VAT

Airflex Storm: The best portable carpet cleaner you have ever used or your money back

  • Our top-of-the-range machine
  • Cleans around 4 times quicker than our standard twin vac/130psi machines
  • Much faster drying
  • Outperforms a standard twin vac even at 150ft!
  • Can be run direct from the van or as a portable
  • Optional remote control, auto-fill and auto-empty
  • Truckmount-style speed and drying times at a fraction the cost!
  • Can run 200ft hose direct from your van
  • See full product description 

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Product Description

The best portable carpet cleaner you have ever used or your money back

Unleash the Power of the Storm!

  • Our top-of-the-range machine
  • Cleans around 4 times quicker than our standard twin vac/130psi machines
  • Much faster drying
  • Outperforms a standard twin vac even at 150ft!
  • Can be run direct from the van or as a portable
  • Auto-feed and auto-empty
  • Remote control
  • Truckmount-style speed and drying times at a fraction the cost!
  • Can run 200ft hose direct from your van

Following on from the successful Airflex Turbo machine, the British designed and built Airflex Storm is our top-of-the-range flagship extractor.

This incredibly powerful 800psi machine is capable of running over 200ft of hoses direct from your van, with a host of features to help you clean to a higher standard faster and with with less effort.

The Storm’s high performance pump and super-powered parallel vacuum set-up mean the operator can move the wand up to 4 times faster – you can move the wand just as quickly as you would if using a truckmount, without needing to spend lots of time on additional dry wand passes (necessary with ‘in-series’ machines).

Clean in half the time…

Airflex Storm comes fitted with a beast of an 800psi pump, suitable for both carpet and hard floor cleaning. This fully adjustable powerhouse of a pump allows you to clean more carpets in less time. Fewer passes of the wand are needed, with the water pressure doing more of the work for you.

…dry in half the time

The Airflex Storm is fitted with an extremely powerful vacuum motor system – far more powerful than the standard Lamb Ametek 1200 or 1400 watt motors used on Airflex Pro and Airflex Turbo machines. Vacuum performance on the Storm is comparible to 3 x 1400 watt heavy duty Lamb Ametek vacuum motors!

This incredible vacuum power allows you to move the wand much more quickly. Soil extraction is far more efficient and fewer dry passes are required. Drying times are much faster and you have enough power to clean 200ft away from the machine. The gap between portable and fuel-powdered truck mount has never been so small.

You will not believe the difference in speed, ease of use and drying times when you try one of these machines.

Now with optional remote control and auto-empty

At the touch of a button you can control the vacuum motors, pump or auto-empty system.


Airflex remote control fob

Imagine how much time you will save now you don’t need to return to your machine to turn it on and off. And no more rushing to turn your machine off every time your mobile phone rings either! Considering you could be working upstairs 200ft from your machine, this soon adds up to quite some time saving.

Airflex Storm’s remote control is a purpose built system designed to cope with the high in-rush switching demands essential for this type of industrial machinery.

We have designed the remote system so that it’s external to the machine. This means that in the unlikely event that the remote unit fails, the remote unit can be returned for repair while you continue to use the machine as normal in manual mode.
Reliable no hassle auto-empty system

The Airflex auto-empty system works alongside your remote control. Simply drop the auto-empty hose into a waste water tank or suitable drain (e.g. a toilet bowl). Now, whenever you want to empty the waste tank, simply activate the auto-empty system via your remote control. The waste tank automatically empties in less than a minute.

The Airflex Storm auto-empty system:

  • Adds practically zero weight to the machine
  • Draws zero electrical current
  • No pump-out pump to keep unblocking
  • No fine filters to keep unblocking
  • Very simple and very reliable
  • Airflex Storm’s auto-empty system saves you time and energy, while keeping all the dirty water and mess well away from your customer’s premises.
  • Auto-feed

With the Airflex auto-feed system, you can connect Airflex Storm directly to any external or van-mounted water tank. This reduces set-up times significantly and there’s no need to install a separate pump. Just drop the auto-feed hose from Airflex Storm into any external water tank and you are ready to go. Still more time saved.

We can also fit a hozelock type connector if you want to connect directly to a tap.

High efficiency cleaning direct from the van

Airflex Storm is our best direct-from-the-van cleaning solution yet: Airflex Storm’s immense power copes easily with long hose runs. The auto-feed, auto-empty and remote control features mean you rarely need to return to the machine. Think about it:

  • No more lugging around heavy equipment
  • No more time wasted filling and emptying buckets at the sink
  • No more machine noise and mess in the customer’s premises
  • No more time wasted setting up and packing away equipment unnecessarily

With Airflex Storm running direct from the van, you can be set up and ready to clean in seconds, with faster cleaning and faster drying times. There’s no more emptying and re-filling on the job. You can control your machine with the touch of a button by remote control without even moving an inch.

See the Airflex Storm cleaning direct from the van here


Airflex working direct from the van for increased productivity

Airflex Storm cleans more carpets in less time and with less effort. It’s a faster, easier, more convenient and more profitable way to clean.

The flexibility of a portable machine…

But what about the jobs you can’t do ‘truck mounted’? Simply unhook Airflex Storm from the van and you now have an incredibly powerful portable extractor that goes all the places a fuel-powered truck mount cannot.

So if you have a job on the 5th floor? Or if you can’t park close enough to the building? Or if you are worried about pedestrians tripping over hoses? No worries! Airflex Storm still does the job.

Airflex Storm is significantly lighter than its predecessor Airflex Turbo. And with the Airflex easy-loading system, loading and unloading the machine is so easy – there’s no need to install a ramp in your van.

Guaranteed to WOW your customers

Airflex machines are highly professional looking machines that cannot fail to impress your customers. Expect lots of comments from customers when you own an Airflex – there is no doubt you are using modern top-of-the-range equipment when you turn up with one of these machines.

We believe that a modern looking top-of-the-range machine can only give customers more confidence in your work, and more confidence in recommending your services.

Optional exhaust silencer

Add an Airflex exhaust silencer to reduce machine noise significantly and to exhaust damp air away from the working area, thereby reducing drying times.

Easy access and maintenance

The motor housing can be accessed in less than 20 seconds. The vac motors have quick connect electrical fittings and can be changed very quickly and easily. The pump head has a quick release system which means it can be changed in as little as 10 minutes. This all makes life a lot easier for your maintenance engineer and saves you money in maintenance costs.

airflex pro 130 open

A fraction the cost of a fixed truck mount system

Airflex Storm gives you the time saving and convenience of being able to clean direct from the van, but with the flexibility and low running costs of a portable extractor.

  • Low initial investment – a fraction the cost of a fuel powered truck mount
  • Local repair network – servicing can be arranged quickly with less downtime
  • Low running costs – plugs into your customer’s electricity supply just like a normal portable machine
  • High return on investment

For the cost of just one top-of-the-range fuel powered truck mount, you could purchase up to 6 Airflex Storm machines. Ask yourself; which has the potential to earn you more?

Read the reviews

If you scroll up this page on the left you will see customer ‘reviews’ link for recent reviews of this machine. You can also read some older Airflex reviews here which were published before we launched our new website.


Optional Airflex Magma Inline Heater


Optional Magma heater gives you very hot water straight from cold water in the tank with no pre-heating needed















Solution tank 55 litres
Recovery tank Airflow friendly cylindrical design
Pump pressure 800psi 1/2 hp adjustable plunger pump
Vacuum system Bigairflow system with big bore internal plumbing
Vacuum motors Genuine Lamb Ametek 6.6 High Efficiency Vacuum System
Vac hose port 2″ port accepts 1.5″ and 2″ vac hose
Exhaust 4″ big bore with optional easypack silencer
Easy load system No need to lift machine into van
Built-in power sprayer Adjustable spray lance optional
Direct feed Can connect to external tanks with no extra pump needed
Tank construction Tough polyethelene
Control panel Top mounted for convenience
Rear wheels 12″ non marking for easier stair climbing
Front wheels 4″ non marking with locking brake
Vacuum shut-off Yes
Power cable 25ft high visibility orange cables
Dimensions (cm) 45 (W) x 80 (L) x 105 (H)
Weight Approx 50kg (800psi machine)
Inline heater Optional
Warranty 5 years casing, 1 year parts


15 reviews for Airflex Storm from £2299 + VAT

  1. Samuel

    I’m looking for one Machine please contact me I don’t know where to get to your store.please help

  2. Michael mckenzie

    Using this for 8 months. Great machine. Would highly recommend to anyone thinking of buying one. If you are thinking of getging somethin else, dont.

  3. malcolm/ A C S Specialist Cleaning

    30 years of involvement with the cleaning industry has led to many trials, tests and changes of equipement, until Cleansmart introduced the Airflex range. Carefully thought out and designed, all the usual pitfalls of extraction machines have been firmly addressed resulting in the finest, most powerful and reliable machines available. Buying the Turbo to start, followed by the Storm over three years ago, and two minitwins, one being a 300 psi with bigger vacs. They are in regular use, the Storm van mounted with 150 feet of 2″ hose on a reel, and the muni 300 , we call it the ‘little giant’, for smaller jobs (van mounted too). Super reliable, relentless awesome power, at an affordable price.

  4. Nathan

    It`s a brilliant machine. We have it for nearly a year and it was a pleasure to work with. The 800 pump gives you plenty of options. The new vacuum system gets carpet dry quickly, The rear wheels are particularly good for moving the machine around.
    Thank you!

  5. Colin Kimpton

    Put simply this is an extremely reliable and powerful machine that produces great results every time! I’m really pleased I purchased the Air Flex Storm and have also been impressed by the pre and post sales service provided by Matt and Mark. Thank you!

  6. sean

    I purchased air flex storm November 2013 after having an air flex pro.
    I went for the storm because of the fabulous service I had from Matt and team when I had the pro.
    Power of the storm is incredible a great machine from great people

  7. Philip Wingfield

    From the moment I started using this machine I realized it was special. The vacuum power,pump psi & magma heater give you everything you need to clean your customers carpets better than ever. The Storm is easy to set up & looks great. Excellent value & good after sales service. Thanks Cleansmart

  8. James Platt

    After working in this industry for about 15 years, I’ve have used a wide variety of carpet cleaning machines and I have to say this is the best one I’ve owned. It looks the part and works as well as it looks and produces great results. I’ve been so impressed I’ve recommended this machine to other companies and also bought the ‘Air Flex Mini’ for smaller jobs. Plus the training days I got with the machines were well worth it.

  9. karen

    Really good, happy customers speak for themselves, and being s woman in this industry I find my storm perfectly workable as a portable machine, no problem. Great for carpets and upholstery. Durable and easy to use, but most importantly great results every time

  10. info4

    Been using my machine for just under a year.
    I bought the machine on the back of the excellent customer service I received whilst enquiring about an upgrade. The machine has been fantastic and a real boost for my business. Its built well, looks great and is easy to move around and use. A great machine and fantastic support from the team at Clean Smart. James Hillier (Berkshire)

  11. alan

    I was not only impressed with the spec, quality and appearance of the Storm but also the excellent and friendly customer service provided by the Cleansmart team. I’ve used this machine nearly every day for over a year – faultlessly. Highly Recommended.

  12. lewis baldwin

    This machine is superb. Being an older person I got a bit tired of lifting machine on and off the van, I now now operate fom the van with up to 150ft of house with excellent results, no more struggling with buckets to fill and empty, no machine stuck in people’s hallways dripping water,just run the hoses out plug her in and away you go. it really is is a time saver with superb results.

  13. David Harrison

    Bought a Storm with 800PSI pump to upgrade from our old machine. Really wasnt expecting to see much of a difference but from the first time we used it we could easily see a HUGE difference. Really love this machine, so much that we have just ordered a second storm to go along with our other one.
    OVERALL – Fantastic Machine, f your looking to upgrade to a true professional machine then the Storm is for you.

  14. timbohandley

    after upgrading from my airflex turbo, i found the storm an absolute beast of a machine! so nice to be able to leave the machine on the van most of the time, awesome vac power, 800 psi solution pressure if you need it, operate at 200/300 psi and your storm will do all you ask of it, day after day, month after month. Ive had no issues whatsoever with my storm,
    ive heard of other machines needing upgrades/vac going/etc etc, i just going out to earn money with my storm….Many thanks Matt and team………….. love my machine to bits…………….

  15. dhrothery

    After having ran a truckmount for 12 years that finally became uneconomical to repair I decided to purchase the Storm. I’ve now had it for 15 months and can honestly say that I couldn’t have made a better choice (I even bought a second one!). Similar to Barry’s review I have one set up van-mounted and frequently run 150′ of 2″ hose from it with absolutely no problem. Needless to say that my second one rarely comes off the van. The remote and auto dump are used on every job and I could not be without either now. Another plus is the amount my petrol costs have gone down since having it. I would recommend this machine wholeheartedly.

  16. barry

    I’ve had my Airflex Storm for just over 2 years now and it has never let me down. Since then I’ve cleaned thousands of carpets and dozens of suites with excellent results. I run mine from the van as much as I can and with the remote control it makes it even easier to use. When need be, I can disconnect it from my water tank and just use it like any other portable, it’s just so versatile. I’ve used my machine with over 125 feet of hose with very little loss of suction giving excellent drying times. When my customers see it, it really does impress them, especially when it’s turned on and they can hear the power of the vacuums. I would highly recommend this machine and Cleansmart to any carpet cleaners out there.

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