Airflex Mini Custom Spec from £1099 + VAT

£1,499.00 £1,099.00 plus VAT

Airflex Mini: A full spec professional carpet cleaning machine that fits in a car?

  • Choice of pumps up to 300psi
  • Choice of vacuum systems
  • Available with or without built-in instant heater
  • Significantly smaller and lighter than other professional carpet cleaning machines
  • Perfect if you prefer a smaller, lighter machine or don’t have a van
  • Includes 1 day free carpet cleaning training course
  • See full product description

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Product Description

Introducing the Airflex Mini

Airflex Mini is a lightweight professional spec extractor small enough to fit into the back of a car. It is the perfect machine for the operator who wants professional results, but doesn’t want or have space for a full size extractor.

Airflex Mini is suitable for carpet cleaning, spot and stain removal and upholstery cleaning. It can be used by carpet cleaners, in-house cleaners, car valeters, domestic cleaners, care homes and in most situations where a professional spec machine is needed, but storage space is limited.

Choose between 130, 200 or 300psi water pumps:

The Shurflo 130psi pump is a professional pump system that willgive you professional results. The 200psi pump is fully adjustable and will allow you to clean faster with fewer wand passes. Our top-spec pump for the Mini machine is a 300psi psi Pumptec pump with induction motor and pressure gauge.

Choose between vacuum systems:

The entry level vacuum system has a single 1400 watt Lamb Ametek 3-stage vac motor. For almost double the power go for the 6.6 vacuum motor. This will leave the carpets a lot drier, extract soiling more efficiently and allow you to run extra hoses – so you won’t need to take the machine upstairs. The next system up has 2 x 3-stage Lamb Ametek vacuum motors. This gives you more power than the 6.6 motor and because there are two vac motors, if one fails you can finish the job on the remaining motor. You can also operate the machine on one vacuum motor for upholstery cleaning to avoid damage to delicate fabrics.

Wand and hoses

We can supply this machine with or without wand and hoses (if you already have hoses and wand). The optional wand is a top spec twin jet s-bend stainless steel wand RRP £299 + VAT. The optional hoses are top quality heavy duty hoses – just the same ones you get on our top-of-the-range machines.

 Free training course included

Includes 1 day free carpet cleaning training course or upholstery cleaning course

Tank construction Tough polyethelene
Solution tank capacity 22L
Waste tank capacity 25L
Pump options: Shurflo 130psi non adjustable
200psi adjustable
300psi adjustable with pressure gauge
Vacuum system options 1 x Lamb Ametek 3-stage
1 x Lamb Ametek 6.6
1 x Lamb Ametek 8.4
2 x 3-stage Lamb Ametek
Switch panel Top mounted for convenience
Rear wheels Large non marking for easier stair climbing
Front wheels Non marking casters
Vacuum shut-off Yes
Power cable 25ft high visibility orange cable
Optional vacuum hose 1.5″ truck mount quality crush resistant smooth bore truckmount quality
Optional solution hose Goodyear Neptune 3000psi truckmount quality hose
Optional wand 2-jet s-bend stainless steel low profile wand
Dimensions  39 (W) x 66 (L) x 80 (H)
Weight Single vac: Approx 25kg
Twin vac 130psi: Approx 28kg
Twin vac 200psi Approx 30kg
Twin vac 300psi Approx 34kg
Optional inline heater Adds approx 5kg
Warranty  5 years casing, 1 year parts


7 reviews for Airflex Mini Custom Spec from £1099 + VAT

  1. Simon Coller

    Have had Airflex Mini for 6 months now and really pleased. Have 220psi pump 2x vacs and inline heater. Really great for upholstery with my sapphire tool, and for areas that are not practical for my truckmount.Only suggestion for improvement would be upgrade on front wheels, the brakes on them are really awkward to use. That apart, great piece of kit that customers often comment on too! Simon

  2. Oliver

    Great machine, I use 50ft of hose with it, no power loss. Very easy to move and carry, fantastic service from Matt and mark at cleansmart. Would highly recommend

    • Matt @ Cleansmart

      Thanks very much for the review Oliver – glad you’re pleased with it! Matt

  3. Richard Lodge

    Fantastic machine! We have two of these machines which were supplied to us by Cleansmart for our carpet and upholstery cleaning business in Cyprus. We use both machines daily along with Magma heaters and Sapphire Pro hand tools, again supplied by Cleansmart. Most of our work is cleaning heavily soiled sofas in holiday apartments and villas, so we need a machine we can carry upstairs in apartment blocks that have no lifts, and the Mini is very portable and perfect for this. The twin vacuums on these machines are so powerful they allow us when needed to run a 50 foot hose across balconies from one apartment to the next, without having to move the machine. Another added benefit for us is the strong vacuums greatly cut down the drying times, so we can carry out work between holiday guests leaving and the next ones arriving, and know that the sofas and mattresses will be dry in time. Over recent years we have tried many different manufactures and combinations without much success, but this set up for us ticks every box. We have been let down previously by several UK machine suppliers, but we find the service and support from Cleansmart second to none.

  4. Sean Oregan

    Ordered 200psi mini on Wednesday, due to winning contract that required something smaller than my storm.
    Told Matt I was in a bit of a rush for it due to contract.
    It arrived on the Friday.
    The power of it is brilliant 1x 1200 1×1400 vac and 200psi.
    Great machine and even better service.

  5. Stefan Szatkowski

    This is a cracking machine. I have used the storm for a while now but needed something smaller and more portable. The unit is powerful enough to use two 25m hoses so can clean upstairs without having to hump the unit about. The inbuilt heater is a blessing. Easy to fill and empty. Very robust. Niggles: Cable gland works itself loose after a while, One small wheel sticks if it manages to rotate to rear facing direction, ball valve sticks occasionally, one vac motor failed after 18 months.
    Otherwise ideal and powerful would easily recommend it to anyone. First class design.

  6. Andy Messias

    Have owned the Pro 600 for almost 4 years now and find it to be an excellent machine, easy to load and unload from the van, powerful enough for all jobs even when I’ve been using 75 foot of hose….so far no problems!…..Purchased the Mini Pro a couple of years back as a back up and for small 1 room jobs or where the space or access is a problem (blocks of flats etc), also used it for most spotting jobs until recently when I purchased the Pro spotter….I find the Mini Pro to be a great little machine and wouldn’t be without mine.

  7. D Blades

    I have used a storm for 3 years and it has never let me down. Van mounted or portable, the results are amazing. 1 year ago I purchased a Mini 200psi, to do small jobs and as a back up. The performance of the Mini is way above what I expected, and I find that I use the Mini as much as the Storm. This is a cracking combination of machines to have, enabling you to tackle any size job with confidence.

  8. rycalshaw

    I purchased this machine a couple of years ago and have to say its been terrific as was the training course with Derek Bolton..excellent..

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