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USE FOR: Boosting alkaline pre-sprays and extraction agents and for better performance on stains. Also for brightening colours, lightening dark traffic lane areas and to aid in odour removal.

Activ-X is an oxygenating booster that can be added to pre-sprays or to the solution tank of your extractor

  • Boosts almost any alkaline or neutral cleaning product
  • Improves performance on stains
  • Brightens colours
  • Lightens dark traffic areas on light carpets
  • Helps deal with odour problems
  • Oxygen powered cleaning
  • Eco-friendly formula
  • Better performance on heavily soiled carpets

Add Activ-X to your pre-spray and boost cleaning performance with the power of oxygen. Makes your pre-spray work harder for you, brightens colours and reducing any spotting work needed after extracting.

1 review for Activ-X

  1. roger

    Really helped to get a great result on an 18 year old off white bedroom carpet. I saw it one week later when doing more work for my customer and I was pleasantly surprised. Just need 2 scoops per 5 litre sprayer and pre-treat.

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