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Invest in new equipment today and spread the cost over 1 – 4 years


Why lease cleaning equipment?

  • Spread the cost of your new equipment investment over 1 to 4 years
  • Generate more profit from new equipment without using company cash
  • Free’s up more cash to invest in other areas of your business
  • Let your equipment pay for itself – receive state-of-the-art new equipment now and make payments as you earn back from it
  • Invest without having to commit to a bank loan – your securities remain available for other financing projects
  • Fixed payments – budget ahead with fixed monthly payments that aren’t affected by interest rate changes
  • A tax efficient way to finance your new equipment investment (see below)

Will I qualify for leasing?

To qualify for leasing, you will normally need to be either:

  1. An established business with good credit history
  2. A new business with good credit score and a home owner
  3. If you aren’t either of the above but know a home owner with good credit who is prepared to act as your guarantor, you may still qualify for leasing

The amazing tax benefit!

Leasing was set up under the consumer credit act. It is as an amazing instrument for businesses to allow them to claim back against their tax 100% of their payments. This tax relief can exceed the finance charge (interest), making leasing almost the same as interest free! So Leasing may well be the cheapest way to invest in new equipment for your business – after tax you could even pay less over the lease period than the upfront cash price.


If you’d like more information on leasing or a formal quote, please get in touch by clicking here